Our vision is a future where we waste less, share more and care for every baby and child.

One Mother to Another

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How you can help

Donate items

Each item you donate is matched to the needs of each family. 


Donate your time

We sort, clean and safety check baby goods so they are a gift to the family receiving them.


Donate Money

Every cent makes a big difference in the lives of little people.

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My client was overwhelmed with the warm clothes and toys for the kids. She was very appreciative of everything. Thanks to Eureka Mums!

Akua Ed. Nignpense, refugee health nurse

I've received clothing from you before when my baby was a newborn, I was so grateful, the clothes and blankets were beautiful. If you need another helping hand, I'd love to pitch in.

Young Mum we helped

Thanks so much for all the gifts I picked up yesterday, the three families to where the treasures have been re gifted are really thrilled, particularly with the coats! 

Mareeta, MCHN Pyrenees Shire council

The reaction from both mother and child was wonderful; he kept saying “wow, look” and she burst into tears and said “I’m overwhelmed. There’s no way I could afford anything like this.

Natalie, Social Worker

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Tuesday & Thursday - 11 till midday

1st and 3rd Saturday each month between 11 and midday.

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If you are a social worker please email request@eurekamums.org to book a collection time.

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