Happy Holidays!

On behalf of the team at Eureka Mums we would like to thank you for your incredible support in 2017. 

Thanks to you, we have helped 1,356 babies and children, with 2,862 items worth $368,068 in the past financial year. 

Thank you for making it possible for us to share the joy with so many. We are grateful for your continued  support and dedication to our cause.

Event Update

Our recent fundraiser was an amazing night, with plenty of fun laughter and Trivia with a Twist. Thank you to all the amazing business and individuals that supported us with donations of prizes. 

A very special thanks to everyone who came along to join us on the night.  We raised a total of $5600 on the night which will go a long way to supporting families in the Ballarat area. 

Volunteer Profile

Lesley-Anne Mandley

Why did you start volunteering with Eureka Mums? 

I was no longer working full time and so had the time to volunteer.

How long have you been a Eureka Mums volunteer?

Since February this year.

How did you find out about Eureka Mums? 

My daughter bought me a tea towel that St Kilda Mums was selling as a fund raiser several years ago and told me about the group and what they did. Then last year I heard Trinsa talking about Eureka Mums and signed up to receive the newsletter when I realised that they were part of the same group. 

Do you have a memorable story from your time volunteering with Eureka Mums?

My most memorable story is the sense of achievement I felt when I finally did a bundle that met with my team leaders approval. 

How has volunteering with Eureka Mums impacted your life?

Being a volunteer has made me realise the difference that a bundle of clean clothing or bedding can make to a family. I find it distressing that there are so many families in our community lacking basic items that my family take for granted.

New beginnings

Earlier this year we had a request for help for a large family who had fled from a regional property around two hours. Mum and children had been exposed to extreme family violence over an eight year period.

When the family arrived in Ballarat they had no clothing, toys, beds, bedding or furniture. They had to leave all their loved possessions behind.

WRISC Family Violence Support contacted Eureka Mums and we were able to provide clothing bags for each of the children, toys, a cot, nappies, toiletries, a high chair, and a pram. 

Other services also assisted within the Ballarat area with furniture and beds for the family.

Thanks to your incredible donations Eureka Mums could ensure that the children then had plenty of good quality clothing, and a large variety of toys, books and games.

Thank you for making this possible!

Tools for School

When we heard about a Mum that was not going to send her daughter to school at the beginning of the year, simply as she could not afford to buy her a back pack, lunch box and drink bottle, we knew we had to do something. 

With a special delivery from Eureka Mums this little girl was able to join her new classmates at the beginning of the year and not feel left out.  

Our Tools for Schools appeal makes such a different to children and parents alike.

We are looking for donations of brand new lunch boxes, drink bottles, back packs and stationary items such as pencils, rulers, scissors, erasers, sharpeners, pencil cases and color pencils.

Summer Holiday Closure

 It’s been a long busy year for our volunteers, in the past 4 months alone they have  made up 192 bundles of clothing, 95 Linen bundles and 80 toy bags, safety checked 46 Prams, 64 Car restraints and 34 cots.

We will be closing on the 21st of December and reopening on the 11th of January.

Give the Gift of Love!

When you make a donation online, we can provide you with a Gift Certificate.

There are three choices

  • Gift of Love at Christmas
  • Gift of Love Certificate
  • Happy Birthday

All you have to do is simply make a note in the comments box when you make your donation. Any amount you donate will mean so much to to the family of a newborn. Thank you!

Angel and Babe Christmas Cards

Please support Eureka Mums and purchase a set of 10 colour your own Angel and Babe greeting cards and envelopes designed by local artist Madeleine Stamer.

They come in packs of 10, with envelopes and are blank inside.

Give them to the kids to colour or enjoy some quiet meditation with a cup of tea yourself!

You can buy them online (postage is free) or at our warehouse during our opening times.

Shipping to any address in Australia is included in the price of $15. Thank you for supporting our fundraising!

Thank you!

Thank you all for your support during 2017. On behalf of all the volunteers at Eureka Mums, we wish you all a safe and wonderful holiday period.

We will be back in 2018, bright and fresh. Keep an eye out for our events planned in 2018, more information to come.

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Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays!
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