A pram is not just a pram

Leanne is a Maternal & Child Health Nurse and she explains the importance of a pram.

A pram is not just a pram - it represents freedom to get out into the world, break down the isolation of being house bound.

A car seat is not just a seat - it represents safety of passage for a newborn or child during car travel.

A cot or a bassinet is not just a bed - it's a safe place to rest a weary infant.

Many families struggle to provide food on the table and appropriate clothing to wear. I see first-hand the difference it makes to be able to offer families material aid.

I also see the dignity it restores. They want to provide these things for their infants and young children.

As a Maternal & Child Health Nurse I rely on Eureka Mums to provide safe equipment. It is critical that it meets Australian safety standards.

Part of my role as a Maternal & Child Health Nurse is to ensure that all infants are safe. That all infants sleep in a safe place.

Eliminating risk and promoting safe sleep is the work of Red Nose Foundation.

The numbers of Sudden Infant Death has dropped exponentially over the past 40 years. Much of this owing to Red Nose education.

Many families are facing challenges and don't have safe equipment for their children.