Eureka Mums is in the process of changing our service to local and regional agencies. The warehouse at 15 Gray St, Sebastopol is now closed for donations, volunteers and collections. Our growing service for local agencies and caseworkers are now being delivered directly to the agency, removing the need for the caseworker to collect. We are in the process of developing our local donation network and will update the community shortly.

Supporting our community

In October, a young single mum and her infant fell victim to a house fire. She lost most of their belongings and found herself without the basic items to keep her child safe and protected.  Eureka Mums was contacted by their child care centre and stepped in to provide them with over $1000 worth of items including a cot and blankets, clothing, toiletries, high chair and toys for her one year old. The young mum was overwhelmed by the support given to her at the time.