Eureka Mums is in the process of changing our service to local and regional agencies. The warehouse at 15 Gray St, Sebastopol is now closed for donations, volunteers and collections. Our growing service for local agencies and caseworkers are now being delivered directly to the agency, removing the need for the caseworker to collect. We are in the process of developing our local donation network and will update the community shortly.

Social Worker Registration

Welcome to Eureka Mums!

To access our services you must be a social worker or maternal and child health nurse with a registered social service or welfare agency. Please fill in the form below to register as part of our network.

Once you have registered, email us at to confirm your registration and obtain access to our online request form. This form would need to be used for whenever you request goods for your clients.

We sometimes have a waitlist for larger in-demand items such as cots and prams but always have a plentiful supply of clothing bags (especially for newborns), toys and books and other nursery items. You are welcome to make a time to come and visit our premises and collect available items for your clients.

Please take the time to read our Service Policy. 

Please fill in the form below to register as part of our network.

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