Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here.

Do I now need to register with St Kilda Mums?

No, you don't. Geelong Mums, St Kilda Mums and Eureka Mums all sit under the umbrella of St Kilda Mums inc and have one, unified database of caseworkers, agencies and cases. We already have full visibility of your registration and the records of all your previous orders. 

Who do I contact about my past or current orders?

All communication now comes to regional@stkildamums.org. This is the email address for the regional service that has been operating since 2017 and ships across the entire state. 

Do I have to pay for delivery?

No. Our delivery service is completely free of charge thanks to the support of our pro bono transport partner Victorian Freight Specialists (VFS) . They have been delivering from Melbourne across Victoria for us for free since 2017. We dispatch via overnight delivery and you should receive your order the following day. If you meet one of their agents delivering to your office, please thank them for us!

Can you deliver to my client's home?

No but yes. In our service agreement we clearly state that we will have no direct contact with your client and will never deliver to a client's home. However then a pandemic happened and we had to revisit absolutely everything about how we do business. So yes, under exceptional circumstances we may be able to deliver to your client's home. We try very hard to avoid this so that the VFS staff (who remember are offering their services for free!) aren't forced to deal with multiple drops to private homes where people are often not at home. As with all things, if in doubt just email us at regional@stkildamums.org and we will do everything in our power to find the most efficient solution.

When will my order be delivered?

We will let you know by email the week before we dispatch your order. If your order is only for non waitlisted items (i.e. not cots, car seats and prams) it will probably be scheduled to dispatch directly to your office within two weeks of us receiving your request.  In fact many very small orders can be dispatched almost immediately. 

Orders that contain cots, car seats for prams are considered "waitlisted". These items are in high demand so we allocate their availability based on the due date or age of the baby and when the request is received.  For requests placed well before the due date we will always endeavour to deliver two to three weeks before EDD. Because we operate on a just-in-time system of processing donations from the public we do not have large stores of waitlisted items to dispatch immediately.  

Requests placed for babies already born will usually be dispatched within a fortnight. 

If a baby arrives early or the due date is brought forward please let us know at regional@stkildamums.org immediately and we will bring forward the dispatch of the order.

Can I contact you to check on a delivery date?

Of course! Email us at regional@stkildamums.org any time. We will get back to you very promptly. This email address is monitored constantly throughout the day and is a far quicker way to contact us than phoning. Calls to the 1300 number on our website are managed by an offsite answering service and the message may take 24-36 hours to reach us. We see emails to regional@stkildamums.org immediately. 

What if my order doesn't arrive on the expected date?

Email us at regional@stkildamums.org and we will follow it up! This happens very rarely and when it does the order usually arrives the following day. It can happen if the agent in your area delivers to different zones on only certain days of the week. 

 Why are there some items missing from my order? 

If you have placed a large order and we are missing some small, non-waitlisted items (safety kit, wipes etc.) we will dispatch your order with all the essentials. We will never dispatch an order missing a major, essential requested item (cot, arseat, pram). If we haven't had a small item in stock it will appear on your email dispatch report list with a "0" beside it.   If this item is desperately needed please place another request for it on a new online request.  

Can I order stock of some items to keep in our office for emergencies?

Absolutely! We love being able to keep you in stock of non-waitlisted items clothing, linen, toiletries and toys for you to dispatch immediately. If you have storage space and would like a stock on hand please fill in the usual request form and in the "mother's name" field enter "bulk office stock". Then fill in the order as usual. 

We don't provide emergency on hand stock of waitlisted items (cots, car seats, prams) because these items are carefully safety checked and registered on our online system. Any item that has our blue wings sticker with a six digit stock number has been safety checked and recorded in our stock database. We have to record the name of the recipient against the safety record of each item distributed. This way if an item is ever safety-recalled anywhere in the world we can contact you almost immediately to let you know and arrange for us to send you an urgent replacement. 

I need some help from Eureka Mums. What should I do?

Please see this page of our website for more information on how to access help from Eureka Mums.

Can I post my donation? 

Yes please. Our postal address is 110 Balliang Street, Geelong, VIC 3220.

Can I just leave my donation at the door?

No.  Please do not do this.  We won’t be able to check with you if your donation is suitable, or it may get wet and it costs us time and money to dispose of it.

What about safety standards? 

Many items have mandatory safety standards. We check for safety features based on both the standards and expert recommendations. If you are unsure if your items meet the latest safety standard, please email us a photo and description.

Do you have a list of what you are able to rehome?

Please see the Donate Things page for more information for the full list of everything that we rehome. 

Would you have any use for used breastfeeding bras at all? 

No, we do not rehome preloved bras or any adult clothing.

Do I need to clean my pram or highchair before donating it to you?

In short – yes please! Eureka Mums is volunteer-powered, so if you don’t clean it – someone else has to. Please see this helpful blog postIf you are unsure where to start or how to go about it, please just email us – our volunteers have a wealth of knowledge to share.  

Do you have any How To Guides?

Yes we have several, from how to clean nursery goods to why we can and can't rehome things. Please see these here.

I have a lounge suite/adult clothing/a kitchen sink I would like to donate, is that something you need? 

We focus on the essential needs of babies and young children. Please check this list of organisations where your donation could be directed. 

How do I find out what is most needed?

The best ways to be alerted to what items we have a need for is on our Instagram or Facebook page or by signing up for our newsletter.

Are financial donations helpful right now?

Yes. Financial donations are vital right now to ensure that Eureka Mums can continue to operate and help families in need.  You can make a donation via our website (big pink donate now button top right hand side of this page) or via EFT.

What will you do with cash donations? 

We ensure that every quality donation we receive can be rehomed by making it safe and complete. For example we can take a donation of a cot, check that it meets safety standards, buy a brand new mattress, and rehome it with a beautiful bundle of pre-loved clothing and bedding. We also need money to buy spare parts for items like prams and highchairs so they meet the latest safety recommendations.  

Just wondering what number to call when I see prams, cots, change tables etc out on the nature strip? 

If you find a great pram or highchair in the hard rubbish, please email us. Please do check them carefully however, as often there is a very good reason why an item is discarded but it may not be easy to spot. We cannot rehome car restraints from hard rubbish because is crucial for safety that the carseat hasn't been involved in an accident and often they would look fine but may be structurally compromised.