Keep a baby safe

Greg and his partner made the difficult decision to part ways as they couldn't make their relationship work. His partner was pregnant with their first child, a little girl. Greg was determined to be a part of his daughter's life, but he was looking for work and money was tight. 

He had little in the way of bedding or any of the essentials he needed to look after his baby girl when she visited. He was frightened that he wouldn't be able to see his daughter because he couldn't give her a safe place to sleep or clothes to keep her snug and warm. 

He wanted to do his best to care for her, but he was all alone. This was nothing he had ever imagined. Out of his mind with worry, Greg asked for help.    

This is when Greg’s world changed.  

Show parents like Greg that you believe in them and care for their children. By making a donation of just $30 by 30 June, you can help a vulnerable parent like Greg provide for his baby.  

To help us spread the word about this need, please print and share this poster.