Love Counts

Anne and her three boys, aged one, two, and eight, live in one motel room. When their Dad become increasingly violent, they had no choice but to move to the relative safety of a new town. Anne has no car, and has been relying on a her old single pram to get to the shops and school. With so few belongings, she's concerned her children do not have enough clothes, and worried about how they will fit into school and kinder.

This family are starting a new life - suddenly, unexpectedly, and as the result of trauma. It's hard to imagine what lies ahead of them, and it how terrifying it must be when they know no-one. 

With your help, we can give this family the love they deserve this Christmas. With your generosity, we can take away the financial burden of a new pram, clothing and bedding for the boys, so Anne can save money for rent. With your kindness, this young family can take a step closer to moving out of their motel room. 

Without you, Eureka Mums cannot give families like Anne's the essential items they need to keep their children clothed and safe.

If you would like to help spread the word, please download our poster, thank you.