Why your donations are so important

We recently received a wonderful message from a long time supporter and social worker of Eureka Mums. 

"It is great that this invaluable service you and your team of volunteers work so tirelessly for has been so greatly received and supported by the community.

I have had the privilege to see the growth of the organisation over a number of years now (I still remember collecting goods from when you were running out of your carport!) and, I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive THANK YOU on behalf of all of the families who have benefited from this very generous service.

I have had multiple occasions when dropping off a van load of goodies where the family has shed tears of gratitude for the items provided.

Countless times I had heard comments along the lines of “Is this All for us!” or “Are you sure I don’t have to pay anything?” and “I cant believe people are so generous, this is unbelieveable!”

So please, please keep going with this amazing and unique work; as your figures clearly show, the need is only getting greater!"