Become a monthly donor

You can give the precious gift of a start in life by joining our Give to Grow program as a monthly donor.

By donating $25 a month through our 'Give to Grow' program, you are helping Eureka Mums grow in response to the increasing need to support families in crisis.

Many families in crisis struggle to buy new nursery equipment or clothing for their children and the often don't have a support network who can pass on second-hand essentials.

Receiving your donation every month means that we can help families who need us today and also enables us to put long-term plans to grow in place. but also that we can put in place long-term plans to grow. These plans will allow us to support more families across Victoria ensuring we waste less, share more and provide care for every child.

Become a monthly donor today

By contributing just $25 a month your donation will help to provide: 

  • a safe and clean cot for a baby to sleep in.
  • essential items such car seats, clothing and linen packs, or a breast pump for a new mum
  • funds to purchase spare parts to help us to fix and rehome pre-loved prams which can ensure a mum can attend medical appointments, walk with her older children to school, or simply get out into her community
  • training for our volunteers on how to clean and safety-assess all donated infant equipment and clothing
  • support for major and unavoidable costs such as the purchase of nursery equipment when we don’t have enough pre-loved items to give to families
  • rent for our premises and bills
  • you with peace of mind that you are lending a helping hand for struggling families with young children

Your donation will be processed securely every month, providing you with a safe and easy way to make an ongoing difference to families in need. 

When you become a Give to Grow supporter, we will keep you up-to-date with our regular email newsletters, reports on your impact, and we will invite you to visit our premises for a tour so you can see first-hand the difference you are making.

You will receive a tax statement of your donations at the end of the financial year. If you would like more information, please contact our fundraising team.

Become a monthly donor today