Eureka Mums is in the process of changing our service to local and regional agencies. The warehouse at 15 Gray St, Sebastopol is now closed for donations, volunteers and collections. Our growing service for local agencies and caseworkers are now being delivered directly to the agency, removing the need for the caseworker to collect. We are in the process of developing our local donation network and will update the community shortly.

Donations Drive

Thank you for your interest in running a donation drive on our behalf. To assist you, we will supply you with the following items: 

  1. An advertising  poster 
  2. Eureka Mums banner
  3. Trolley to store items in
  4. Cash donation tin ( if requested)

To ensure we can manage the processing of donations we only allow  one drive at a time. Please complete the following form and select two date options for your donation drive. We will attempt to give you your first choice and be in touch with more information shortly after this is complete.